Zebra Group | Gracemere

The Zebra Group are leaders in many industries, beginning with truck wrecking and moving on to other areas such as scrap metal recycling, rubbish removal and new and second hand car parts. The group currently transports and processes over 30 000 tons of recyclables a year and collects, dismantles and recycles over 2000 vehicles per year.

The Zebra Group of businesses was started in August 1989 by the husband and wife team of Ron and Tracey Bowes.

Ron and Tracey could see a need for recycled second hand truck parts in the Rockhampton area which then grew into tractor and machinery dismantling as well.

Rockhampton Tractor Wreckers was purchased a short time after and all machinery dismantling was done from the Tractor Wreckers’ site located in Gracemere along with other Zebra Group businesses Zebra Wrecking, Paddy’s Bins, Zebra Metals & Pick a Part.

Zebra Metals was introduced to the market 11 years later in the year 2000 to handle and recycle scrap metal. Mining companies and the mine maintenance industries were quick to jump on board and as a result Zebra Metals now recycles more than 20000 tons of metal a year.

Following Zebra Metals, Ron and Tracey identified the need for a specialist Toyota Landcruiser parts supplier in Queensland and this led to the establishment of Queensland Cruisers in 2001. Located in Denison Street in the heart of Rockhampton.

In 2008 Queensland Patrols was established to meet the demand for Nissan 4WD parts. Queensland Patrols is located immediately adjacent to Queensland Cruisers and a friendly rivalry exists between the two businesses. Both QLD Cruisers and QLD Patrols have a very loyal customer base.

Gracemere Auto Wreckers was then purchased in 2002 however the volume of cars coming into the yard was huge and the labour costs to remove the cheaper parts was soon costing more than what the parts were worth. In 2010 this problem was solved by implementing a new self serve concept, with customers removing their own parts and making recycled car parts even cheaper. The business was renamed Pick a Part Rockhampton to reflect the new concept.

By customers removing their own parts, Pick a Part Rockhampton was able to discount parts by up to 75 percent. The concept was well received and now processes over 1000 cars a year.

Paddy’s Bins was established by Tracey in early 2009 after she identified the need for a specialist rubbish removal service that was more efficient than what was currently available.

Paddy’s Bins expanded rapidly, and is now the market leader in the commercial and residential builders’ waste recycling industry.

As a group the business’s main asset is its employees, with more than 50 great team members currently employed by the Zebra Group.

Planning for the future includes investment in infrastructure and technology ensuring the Zebra Group will continue to be the market leader in the Central Queensland metal recycling industry for many years to come.